Hamilton Spectator Susan Clairmont's Troll Richard Chmura
Andrew Osidacz
July 13, 1964 - March 18, 2006
Jared Osidacz
April 4, 1997 - March18, 2006
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nemo judex in sua causa
Andrew's Answer
Cross this bridge at your peril...
Beware of Hamilton Spectator's Susan Clairmont troll richard chmura.
The Journalist is the Message.
Tables Will Turn.
How did Susan Clairmont and the Hamilton Spectator find that troll, richard chmura, under the bridge without makeup?
Good thing it didn't make the front page. That would have given rise to a phenomenal cause of action - Certainly not a sweet and happy thing.
Several points to consider:
a. Does Freedom of the Press extend to stifling its targets?
b. How is a story, counselled incomplete on key issues, not suborning perjury?
c. If both sides are not heard, there is no justice
d. A broad brush white-washes underlying criminality.

Would Susan Clairmont care to apologize to the families of multiple victims snuffed out by serial killer, Brantford Police Officer, Adam Hill? Or would that lair be too deliciously ironic?